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    Hide graphic function



      Problem is this: in the privilege-set (1) I need the menu-commands set "All" because otherwise in  Search-modus, the commands are grey and cannot be used (2). But then clicking with right-mouse in just a field gives the option to make a graphic (3) is shown and I definitely don't want this.

      Has anyone a idea? (Sorry the pics are in Dutch.)

      Thanks, Geert



      Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 20.26.01.png


      Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 20.38.15.png



      Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 15.25.08.png

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          options in right mouse clicks are not perfectly controllable via privileges.


          You can limit the commands to edit only and install a menu created by you with custom choices.


          Leaving commands to all just because of find menu is not a good idea.


          The whole principle is to obfuscate normal program functionality by replacing it with an altered functionality built by you. If you know how to do it, do it. If not, be more specific.

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            Hi Siplus,

            Sure, that's what I tried. I made a custom edit-menu (see pic) without the graphic command. But is pops-up anyway when clicking with the right mouse.

            What am I doing wrong?


            Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 22.06.13.png

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              I don't see an "Graphic" or "Grafiek" menu option in your last screen shot.


              Maybe it's just the difference in languages, but I can't find any equivalent to that popping up when I right click a field. I right clicked both a text and a container field to see what currently pops up in FileMaker 15 and nothing seems to be an English language equivalent of that menu option.


              This was in Windows in a test file with no security of any kind beyond the standard default settings specified and with a standard menu set.

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                I think he's bothered by the "Chart by..." menu choice, which is probably translated with "Grafiek..."

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                  Yes, I meant the "Chart by...". Sorry for not having looked for the right translation.

                  And in my custom-menu, I didn't choose this one (1). It seems a kind of standard. Just like when you're in search mode and then by clicking you're right-mouse in a field, there comes an option "Operators" (2)


                  (1) custom-menu

                  Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 22.43.35.png


                  (2) when in search-mode

                  Schermafbeelding 2017-03-02 om 22.43.10.png

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                    I tried denying print from "data entry only" plivilege set, but the menu keep appear, and the "Chart setup" dialog have nothing to do. only defining chart