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    Hierarchical Conditional Value Lists


      Hello everyone


      I am in desperate need of help, since I've been buggering over this for quite some time now, and can't seem to solve it self.


      I am working on a dynamic Hierarchical Conditional Value Lists, which is adaptive to changes from the records which is to be put in the VL.

      Now I've been looking at philmodjunk, Adventures In FileMaking #1 Exploring Conditional Value Lists, and got a lot smart, but not further my goal.


      I have 2 tables.

      "Customer", in which I have made an Infinity Hierarchy to keep the number of tables to a minimum and everything in one place.

      - Se attached image.


      "User", in which every person is registeret and linked up with an ID to the desired department.


      I want the Value List to be used in every instance of my Database, without making too many new table occurrences, so no matter in which table relation the client is located, the value list works.


      The idea, like in "Adventures In FileMaking" I thought in which the client first choses the Customer > Then choses Department, in which the VL only lists related Departments to Customer > Then choses desired User, in which the VL only lists related Employees to Department.


      I gotta say, this is a headache and I find it much more complicated then it just seemed to be.

      - See attached image, from relationship graph -- can / could anyone poke me in the right direction?





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          Your screen shot does not show any relationships linking the table occurrences. Most conditional value lists require a relationship. Some do not. In the Adventures file, You have several different conditional value lists, some of which use ExecuteSQL and thus do not need relationships and others do not use ExecuteSQL and thus do need relationships. The relationships needed for any given example are clearly documented on the layout where the example is located.


          So which specific hierarchical conditional value list example are you trying to implement?


          Please note that the relationship basis typical of most CVL's can be a significantly limiting factor as it can result in not only creating more table occurrences and relationships in your solution, but also more copies of the same CVL in manage Value lists where the only difference are the table occurrence references used.


          You might also look at the script produced conditional value list and the selection portals used in the Adventures in FileMaking #2 file (there's a download link in additional resources layout). The selection portals might be used with a selector connector design (see the Geist Interactive web site for articles on this enhanced version of Anchor Buoy), to get a single selection control that can be copy/pasted from one layout ot another when building your solution.


          Another option might be to web search "virtual list" to see if that method works for you.

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            Hi Phil


            Sorry for the late respons.

            I am I aware of the missing relationship.


            I am trying to copy your Hierarchical Conditional Value Lists II -- although I am not sure if it is the correct one to adapt/copy.

            I really want the Value List to be as adaptable as possible, meaning I would like the Value List to be used in every instance of my database, regardless of where the clients are positioned in the database.


            My thoughts are.


            First, I select a desired Customer.

            Second, I select a desired Department -- only showing the departments under the desired Customer.

            Third, I select a desired User -- only showing the Users under the desired Customer/Department.


            As mentioned, I really want the Value List to be as adaptable as possible.

            Could you parse me in the right direction?


            And please feel free to ask questions, come with inputs or yell if info is missing.


            Best regards


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              You've indicated what you want and what you are attempting, but how exactly is it failing for you?


              And have you been able to set up the needed relationships?


              Can you post a screen shot of them?