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Another computer is modifying this record

Question asked by LeonGatewood on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by LeonGatewood

When our clients enter our facility, they scan in using bar coded ID's.  When they get a meal or any of 5 other services, they also scan in.  If they get case management services, their record will be up on someone's screen, data being entered.


However, if the client record is on the screen on any computer, we can't scan the client info in on a different computer.  (We can't modify their record.)  So, we have to find out which of the 15 computers in the building the client is on the screen of before we can scan the client in on a different computer, for a different service.


Is there an easy way to get around this?  Perhaps some automatic way of making sure the cursor is not in a field after scanning?  Some way to take the cursor out of whatever field it is in automatically after a period of time?  (The problem can be fixed by clicking anywhere on the screen that is not in a field but 1) no one can remember to do this and 2) it interferes with the proper functioning of the next scan.)


We are using FM Pro 15 Server, on Macs.


Thanks in advance for any ideas!