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    Webviewer loading issue


      Using FMP on windows comes up with "Communication lost" when loading html page, yet show perfectly on Explorer.

      Explorer version:


      FMP Webviewer:


      Any suggestions on why this is happening and a possible solution?

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          Found this on another thread about the same issue. This message was posted by TSGal:


          "When a client connects to a hosted database, FileMaker Server will continually ping the client to make sure there is still a connection.  This does not mean that the client is idle for a set amount of time, but if FileMaker Server can detect the client machine.  If FileMaker Server cannot detect the machine, FileMaker Server will continue trying to reach the client machine for approximately two minutes in case the signal from the client is restored.  If after that time a connection can no longer be established, then FileMaker Server will disconnect from the client, and the client will receive a communication error.  This is done in case the client machine has either crashed or abruptly disconnects from the network allowing FileMaker Server to disconnect the client, so when the client re-establishes connection, there is only one instance of the client connected to FileMaker Server.

          FileMaker Pro also keeps the connection open to the hosted database.  However, Web Direct does not keep a connection to the hosted database since it is actually FileMaker data presented in a browser..  The browser will make posts to FileMaker Server.  If the connection has been lost and then regained, then the Web Direct client will get the Communication problem error message as Web Direct attempts to send data to a connection that FileMaker Server no longer sees.

          Since other clients appear to be working, I would check the network activity (nettop, wireshark, etc.) on the Web Direct machines."


          Hope this helps.

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            Yet the problem here is with the WebViewer, not Web Direct.

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              Figured they would have similar workings. Anyone else have any ideas?

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                It looks the page is communicating to some sort of hardware device. Are there any plug-in or add-on in IE?

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                  correct, this is webviewer.

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                    no plug-ins or add-ons.  This also works on firefox and chrome.

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                      Unfortunately, the browser is an embedded windows control. So chasing the system default browser, won't resolve this.


                      Try adjusting your IE settings. WebViewer should 'inherit' its settings from those made in internet explorer:


                      Tools>>Internet Options...

                      Security Tab

                      Local Intranet - Cutom Level...

                      ActiveX controls and plug-ins

                      Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls (Enable)

                      Binary and script behaviours (Enable)

                      Download signed ActiveX controls (Enable)

                      Download unsigned ActiveX controls (Enable)

                      Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe (Enable)

                      RUN ActiveX controls and plug-ins (Enable)

                      Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting (Enable)