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using portals

Question asked by kstyle on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by SteveMartino


I am a complete novice in using a database and have been 'thrown in the deep end' by my boss who needs a simple one created and populated with a lot of data by the end of March.  I have been through a lot of online tutorials and can now set up tables, fields, relationships etc.  I can make a layout and I have been trying to put in portals but am coming unstuck here.


So a couple of questions:


Should I be able to use a portal on a layout that will allow me to enter data there that will be recorded on the relevant child table?

Can a portal use things like radio buttons?

If i put all the fields from a child table in the portal can I then use that layout to enter the data I need and it will be stored in the relevant table?

Also, can a checkbox be used in Find mode?  eg.  if I use the checkbox option for several fields can I later run a Find query what would include all the records where the checkbox contains '1'?


I would very greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions.