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This content cannot be displayed in a frame

Question asked by user29188 on Mar 2, 2017
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Newbie alert so if this has been solved elsewhere my apologies but I have searched extensively and the answers I can find don't address my problem.


I've got WebDirect up and running and all is fine if I go directly to the server using the IP address.


I've got a domain name that I want to direct to WD and have set up the DNS www A entry to go to the IP address. In Chrome (v56), when I enter I get a blank page and in I.E. 11 I get the following:


If I click on "Open this content in a new window" I get /fmi/webd# which is where I want to be.


All the answers I've been able to find to date show this error in relation to Web Viewer but as I haven't even signed into the application yet, I can't see how it's related to that.


Thanks in advance for any help on this.