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Moving a Filemaker 10 database to Filemaker 15

Question asked by ralph_in_bonn on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by ralph_in_bonn

I have an invoicing database that I wrote many years ago in Filemaker 10 and which we use nearly daily.

I now am considering moving to Filemaker 15.


1) Are there any known problems moving an old database to the new version of Filemaker?


2) Is Filemaker Pro 15 stable?


3) Comparing FM Pro 10 to FM Pro 15, are there any significant improvements?


4) Are the developer tools in FM Pro 15 Advanced really worth the extra cost for a user who doesn't make his living developing databases?


I look forward to hearing what those of you who have been working with FM Pro 15 can tell me?


Thanks in advance,

Ralph Elliott