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    Moving a Filemaker 10 database to Filemaker 15


      I have an invoicing database that I wrote many years ago in Filemaker 10 and which we use nearly daily.

      I now am considering moving to Filemaker 15.


      1) Are there any known problems moving an old database to the new version of Filemaker?


      2) Is Filemaker Pro 15 stable?


      3) Comparing FM Pro 10 to FM Pro 15, are there any significant improvements?


      4) Are the developer tools in FM Pro 15 Advanced really worth the extra cost for a user who doesn't make his living developing databases?


      I look forward to hearing what those of you who have been working with FM Pro 15 can tell me?


      Thanks in advance,

      Ralph Elliott

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          Markus Schneider


          - fonts... standard system fonts should be just fine

          - maybe printer margins



          - fm 15 doesn't seem to be unstable, at least IMHO more stable than FM10



          - depends.. an invoice is an invoice, so there will be no changes

          - sql, very powerfUll

          - new interface elements, might be the salt in the soup

          - there must be a lot more

          in every case: Those things must be implemented by someone..


          edit: take a look here: FileMaker Pro — Compare Versions | FileMaker


          advanced version

          - debugging, step through a script

          - data viewer, controll a lot of things before they are built in

          - ddr, together with my favorit analyzer, extremly usefull

          - cf (custom functions), a new world!

          - custom menues, give users the power they need with menues (but nothing more)



          although I would not do my daily work without adv, I often have to work on a customer's site with the normal client. One can do quite a lot with that

          In our offices, we don't have installed any pro versions - just advanced...

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            Get the trial download of FileMaker 15, and use it to open your files and test them. You should find that they open and run as they always have in most cases. If you generate PDF's from your solution, test this option using the trial version as there have been a number of issues when saving PDF's from FileMaker 15. You may find that you need to change some layout themes as the "classic" layout theme that is your only option in 10 has been deprecated in 15.


            You can also use the trial version to test using the new features to improve your design during the trial period. Themes will be one of the more obvious new features to study and learn how to use.


            One "gotcha" of which I am aware:


            If you have to edit the text label of a button, attempting to do so automatically shrinks it down to just wide enough to contain the current text label when you double click or select the text tool and click the button. In my opinion, the developers that produced the 'conversion code' that converts an .fp7 file to an .fmp12 file got a bit lazy. This is annoying, but manageable as you just resize the button back to it's intended width. You can even copy the size to the clipboard and then paste the size back into the inspector after editing the button label.

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              So I think FMP10 was still using the FMP7 extension.  I have upgraded a LOT of dbs from fm7 to fm12 and up to 15.  It is very easy, just open the file with the new version and, voila, you gat a new file.  I don't recall having any issues with any of the files I've upgraded.  It doesn't sound like your solution is networked, but if it is, you would want to look at changing the default themes that are used during upgrading.


              If you write scripts, 15 is way ahead of 10.  Not only can you do more, but the type ahead makes things a LOT faster.  Whether Advanced would be of value to you depends on how much time you spend creating scripts or testing calculations.  Script Debugger and/or Data Viewer would be hard for me to live without, but I spend a fair about of my time writing scripts and calculations.




              Scot Loomis

              Good Dog Database Design.

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                most of my clients have moved (or are in process of moving) FM 10/11 to FM 15 in the last year. The only "gotcha" I've run into is that "Classic Theme" upon conversion. Not so critical, unless you have layouts used for Web Direct. I make sure those are the priority to fix before all others.


                There are many new features that would have been used had they been available "back then", so some of these conversions will be getting "reversion" to take advantage!

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                  Answering to 4):


                  if you low-value your time at 100$/ hour, in 2 hours you repay the difference between Pro and Pro Advanced.


                  I fail to see why people spend without problems $200 for a haircut or a meal at a nice restaurant but won't pay that same amount to cover the difference between Filemaker pro and advanced.


                  It all boils down to what you think YOUR OWN TIME is worth.

                  Own time being just a brick of a bigger piece usually called own life. Unique and unrepeatable.

                  Don't waste it on guessing, pay for a debugger and in just a week you get some extra life hours.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    another important point: You didn't mention the OS... If You are running an older OS, especially on Mac, You need to upgrade the OS, maybe the computer isn't capable of running the required OS. If so, some printer-driver related issues might appear. Not FileMaker, but the OS can cause sone issues

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                      I understand your comment although I wonder how many people actually spend $200 for a haircut or nice dinner but then again that probably simply reflects the difference in the circles that you and I move in. ;->


                      My problem with the pricing is simply that I am more or less retired and the price is about 50% higher for the addition of some debug functions. If the price difference had been 20-30%, I suspect that I wouldn't have flinched but when the price is greater by half again ... I wondered whether the benefit of the additional debugging features justified the cost.


                      I'm a computer hardware engineer, who - at 45 - was already too old for the industry back in 1991. From that point onwards, I did technical translations on a freelance basis. Since there was, at that time, no suitable invoicing software available, I wrote my own as a FM database. My wife and I have been using this now for the last 20 some years with my making improvements and additions to it as needed. My expected use of FM 15 would mainly be to upgrade our current database with the goal of keeping it compatible with the newer versions of OSX. I'm in my 70s but my wife is younger and will have to continue working for at least another ten years, so it would be good if she could continue to use our invoicing software even if I'm no longer there to help her.


                      I hope this makes it easier for you to understand my questioning of the price and wish you all the best.

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                        Thanks for the information. I hadn't seen the trial option.

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                          Thanks for the information, Scott.

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                            Thanks Beverly. Good to hear that so many databases have been successfully upgraded.

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                              Thanks for your detailed answer, Markus.

                              It makes it easier for me to decide.