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Close Laptop while working on a server

Question asked by roryduffy on Mar 3, 2017
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If you're working on a record over a server in Filemaker, and you close your laptop (without closing the record, file or application) and walk out of the office in which the Filemaker server is running: does this create a risk of losing the data you've just entered? Or has anyone else experienced similar?


We're just trying to get to the bottom of why data might be getting lost. Our records are set to save changes automatically if that helps, and we're on Filemaker Pro v14.06.


If it's a simple matter that the laptop was closed then maybe that's why.


Thank you




Yes please, if you could check. I sent that EN right before I closed my laptop so if that’s the case, it would add up.



I don’t know that for sure. But it’s a possibility.
Maybe I can check on the forum to see if anyone else has experienced similar? Then that way we’ll know if it’s an issue or not.




Rory Duffy
Systems Administration Officer



Well, yes, I would’ve closed my laptop.


So - I didn’t know this. If you make changes in a record then close your laptop (and lose connection if you’re then travelling out of the office) without closing FM, your changes don’t get saved?





Yes, maybe Filemaker reverted to a backup.
After you sent the EN, did you keep Filemaker open and close the laptop at any point? Did you exit the record?



Another possibility is that someone else could have been using the record at the same time and your changes didn’t get saved. But that’s unlikely as I think you were the only one on that record?



Rory Duffy
Systems Administration Officer



Hi Rory,


I definitely used the EN button on the make a deal page. That’s the only way I ever send an EN. It then autofills the announcement and onsale dates, obviously - both of which are present and correct in the EN email but were missing when we checked yesterday.


I know with absolute certainty that I did it from the make a deal page because it auto-completes the email text and I made a note to get this amended as it still has Joe’s details.


So, if we know that I didn’t EN it manually or using a different button, there must be a glitch somewhere? Or, FM reverted to a back up?





I’ve looked into the Programming EN script (on the Make A Deal page) and it definitely sets the event status to Notified.
Can I just check that you were on this page when the event was EN’d, and you used that button?



I haven’t set any other scripts to change the event status. So either the event was EN’d manually or a different button was hit?


Rory Duffy
Systems Administration Officer


OK I’ll look into it once the VPN’s back up and running.

Rory Duffy
Systems Administration Officer

The record with the missing info was the Dirty Dancing screening on 25th March. We’ve put the ticketing info back in again but you’ll see, when/if you’re able to use FM, it’s set as confirmed, not notified…