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    Windows and 4k monitors


      Hi all,


      Well, I have been merrily building my FileMaker solution on a nice 13" MacBook Pro and 4K monitor (using an app called Resolutionator to allow me to quickly change resolutions as an when I want). Everything looks absolutely lovely. Today I thought I would just check to see what it would look like in Windows, so I bought a copy of Windows 10 home, installed it on my mac using Bootcamp, installed FM15 Advanced onto Windows and loaded up my Database.


      First impressions were that everything just looked really really small. No problems, I went into display settings and had a poke around. Reducing the resolution of the monitors (both 13" mbp and 4k monitor) just made everything big and blurry, and introduced a lot of horizontal and vertical scrolling. Not good. Messing around with scaling options equally did not result in what I was looking for. So I did some looking around on the internet and this seemed to be my salvation: Neo Shamon (www.neoshamon.com): Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX). Although it purports to work with Adobe products, others have used it successfully on other products as well. 


      After following all the steps, made absolutely no difference whatsoever!


      Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make my solution "look right" (i.e. scale correctly in Windows) on a mbp 13" retina display and 27" 4K Dell monitor?


      The reason I am doing all this is because I know my clients ALL use windows laptops / pcs and 1920 x 1080 monitors (and yes I probably should have just bought the Windows PC and an HD monitor to begin with!). I just like working in the OSX environment far more than the Windows one.


      If I can't get a satisfactory result from all this, I am tempted to just buy a very cheap Windows laptop and run it on its native resolution, and open my Database on that every now and then to check it looks OK, whilst continuing to do most of the development work in OSX. The most common user resolution on a laptop would be 1600 x 900. I figure that If it looks ok on this, stretching it to Full HD would continue to look OK.


      Any help on this would be really appreciated. I thought I was killing 2 birds with one stone by using bootcamp, but I don't think Windows and FileMaker necessarily play nicely on these High Resolution Displays...


      Thanks, James

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          Johan Hedman

          You are absolutely right, you need to develop your solution on Windows for Windows users. Mac is fantastic, but Windows have a few tweaks that works great on Mac but not so good on Windows. For example, on Windows it is a one monitor solution, but on Mac you can drag your windows between your monitors.


          I develop on a Mac, but using VmWare and Windows. Then I can fast go back and forward between my Mac and Windows to check that it works great on both platforms.


          For your Adobe App I can not help you out

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            Thanks Johan.


            By VMWare, are you meaning something like Parallels which means you don't have to re-boot to get into the Windows environment? I would obviously still have my resolution issue with this, hence me thinking I may be best off having a separate PC. Can be cheap and cheerful though :-)



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              I use a similar setup with a 27'' LG 4K screen attached to my 15'' MBP  running Yosemite.


              I have no resolution issues running Windows 7 under Parallels 10.4, so I guess Parallels takes care of this.


              Hope that helps



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                Johan Hedman

                Yes Parallells and VmWare are same kind of software

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                  Thanks Ruben.


                  Is it obvious that you are in a virtual machine (i.e. text loses some of it's crispness). I suppose I am thinking of a few years ago when I worked at a company where we connected to a virtual machine via Remote Desktop Protocol. The mouse was laggy and all the font smoothing as switched off etc.



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                    When you are running on the same machine the lag really isn't really noticeable from my experience.

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                      I don't believe purchasing a PC is going to solve your problem.  This is just a difference between PCs and MACs  I use mainly PCs and I have a MacBook Pro running Parallels and Windows.  I do suggest designing / testing your database under Windows.  


                      Windows has a zoom setting, which is usually found under the display setting.   In Windows 10 right click the desktop,  select display setting,  then under customize your display, you will see Change the size of text, apps, and other items : 100%. You may have a different percentage, just depends what percentage yours is current set to.  Slide bar to increase.   Now that all being said, there have been issues with Filemaker and Windows Zoom setting and Filemaker and 4k monitors.     I don't know that there is a great solution to your problem.   I suggest designing your database for a smaller monitor (20") then using the auto size (anchors) to stretch your layout to fit larger monitors.  You can also test for resolution setting  (size) and create different layouts for the 4k monitor / high resolution   

                      Some of the 4K issues / bugs (Windows) were address in FMP15, but I don't use a 4k monitor, so I don't know if they have been fixed.   I know I have seen post in the past with users still having issue with 4k monitors  and FM.

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                        looks pretty crisp to me :-).  I have my screen set to 1920 x 1080, and I am also using 2560 x 1440

                        Schermafbeelding 2017-03-03 om 15.30.26 (2).png

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                          Thanks for the input.


                          I will give that way of changing the resolution a go.


                          I have designed it for a 1600 x 900 resolution. Font sizes are 11 and 12, so should look fine on the sizes of monitors that they are going to be used on. It is not just the 4K monitor, it has the same problems if I disconnect the monitor and just use my MBP.


                          I will do some more playing and report back.


                          When I set the resolution on the 4K monitor to 1920 x 1080 (what I am working on now), everything displays perfectly on OSX. The handles are set to expand into the extra available space, and these work great.



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                            I use Parallels and no there is not any lost.  The only issue is the keyboard is different on Mac compared to a PCs.   Other than the keyboard you would not know that you were not on a PC.


                            Sreese :  I don't know of any lag.   Parallels let you select the amount of Ram available to the VM, I guess if you set the Ram low then you may have some lag.  Ram is fairly cheap, so upgrade.

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                              Thanks, if doing this, I would have to go down the rather painful route of un-registering my windows licence, and then calling Microsoft to get it activated over the phone. Oh well, least I hadn't got an OEM version and I can do this sort of stuff.



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                                Yes, I understand it not just a 4k problem.   I was letting you know there have been issue with FM under Windows with 4K monitors and issues with Windows Zoom and FM.  Naturally the 4K monitors has a higher resolution setting which requires  Windows Zoom, Windows Zoom and FM have not played nicely in the past.   I don't have a 4K monitor, so I have not had to use a high Windows Zoom Setting.   I have used 150% and 100% setting.  4K may require a higher setting which can cause the other bug to show up.   It has been recommend to stay at the 100% setting.  Note this is not the Zoom setting in FM but in Windows.

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                                  Ruben / Schamblee


                                  Seeing as I have already gone to the bother of installing windows via bootcamp, would you recommend me using that partition to then use for running windows in Parallels. It seems this is something that can be done from the brief bit of reading I have done on the Parallels website. Otherwise, I guess it will be a case of un-registering the windows licence key and deleting the bootcamp partition.


                                  Thanks for your ongoing support - I am sure I will get there!

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                                    Parallels works with bootcamp. Its fantastic.

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