Report with 2 different payment sources

Discussion created by tcr on Mar 3, 2017
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Hi everyone.


We've been making a database to keep track of project income and where those payment sources are from. So far we've in-putted nearly 10 years worth of sales and are at a stage where we want to start asking some more detailed questions.


I've created a report in which I can search for individual projects, and sub projects, along with 1 of those payment sources and it tells me the sum total of all of those payment sources for that project. I've also got it to show me a list of each payment and which invoice it links to inc date.


As each project has at least 2 payment sources, is there a way of seeing in a report how much the sum total for each payment source is? Ideally, we'd search for 'Project A' and we'll end up with as many columns as there are income sources, a total income tally for each source, and a list of what income was which invoice and date.