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Discussion created by sreese on Mar 3, 2017
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So I was paroozing the forums this morning and was reading this post:FMGo16 - "Set Allowed Orientation script step" removed?!! and noticed something TSGal said in it



Rather than calling out the product by name (assuming FileMaker "16" is the next version), you may just want to refer to it as "the next version".



FileMaker, Inc.


I'm not saying they are renaming the product, I just find it interesting that TSGal phrased this the way that she did.


Could they be going to a different naming convention? I could see them going to 17 to just match the years. However, they are a child of Apple so we could start seeing weird names like Mountain Lion.


How would you change the name, and do you think FM will actually deviate from their naming scheme?