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Horizontal Portals

Question asked by hankshrier on Mar 4, 2017
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I know this doesn't exist in FileMaker. I know I can mimic the effect using repeating fields.  Here is the problem. I need a user to be able to tap in a "cell" that activates a script that adds an item to an order. CurrentIy I do this with a vertical portal and of course it works perfectly.
odel. so the dat sits in one table and the interface in the other table


I'm using the separation model. So the data sits in one table and the interface in the other table.  I'm considering creating a PHP page and using a web viewer to display the data.  I'll need to figure out some way to have the user tap or double tap on an item to add it to their "basket".
s done this, please contact


Open to all ideas. If anyone has done this, please contact me at 408-252-5418.  I"m in the GMT-2 time zone.

Or send me an email and I'll call or Skype with you.  skype hankshrier.