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Filter Value List of the Dropdown

Question asked by petey on Mar 3, 2017
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Filter a dropdown value-list by current year.



I have two tables, each of them has a layout:


1. School Dates

2. Signups


The relationship looks like this:


School Dates : PK_School_Dates <-----> Signups : FK_School_Dates


On the Signup layout, I have a dropdown to select the school date. That works fine. BUT, when 2018 comes up, that dropdown will double in size and will continue to year after year.


What I would like to do is filter the dropdown to only show records for the current year.


There's more details.......


The value list is setup like this:


- Use values from field: School Dates : PK_School_Dates
- Also use values from Second field


The second field is located in School Dates, and has the Date, Track, and Type combined. This is so the dropdown shows: 3/17/2017, Laguna Seca, 2-Day Camp


If it's worth mentioning, the "Track" field on School Dates is a related filed to a table called Tracks.


The dropdown works great, but I'll need to filter it.


What I don't want is a solution that forces the user to click more fields than necessary. Something like this:

Dropdown: "Select Year"

(User selects 2017)

Dropdown: "Select Schol Date"

(User selects 3/17/2017, Laguna Seca, 2-Day Camp)


Any ideas who to go about this?



Would you create a calculation field in School Dates, have it merge Date, Track, Type, but filter out by "Year ( Get ( CurrentDate))," and use that for the dropdown values? Somehow it would have to pass the ID along, yeah?? Just a wild guess, haha.