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Describing Well Documented

Question asked by BruceRobertson on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by MacDevGuy

Will I know it when I see it?


I'd like to see examples and discussion of the subject of "well documented files."


Many discussions here refer to solutions that are not well documented.


Many statements here declare that the example files which come with FileMaker are NOT well documented.


But what are we looking for?

I'd like to see some examples of files that are rated as well documented.


Of course this is open to a lot of interpretation.

There are probably examples that are sparsely documented, but nevertheless use clear naming conventions.

I'm sure there are examples that are exhaustively documented.


Can we describe what we're looking for?

Can you post file names, or links, or actual files, which provide useful examples?


I am posting this topic as a question because that allows contributors to post example files.


I may or may not ever declare the question as "answered" because of course there won't be one best example.

But I may declare it "answered" after we have received a good range of examples.