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WebDirect Controls Inoperative.

Question asked by bobmaher on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by bobmaher

There seems to be a bug in WebDirect.  The problem is you can wind up with controls that work fine when the database is accessed by FMP, but are inoperative when accessed via WebDirect.  I am using FMP-14 Advanced and FM Server 15.


The problem seems to occur during design when you place a control (e.g., a scripted button or even just a field object) onto a layout, when it is part of a group, even if the group is just two objects like a field and its label.  In WebDirect you cannot even enter the field or make a button work, even though everything works fine while accessing the DB from the Server using FMP.  (Furthermore the problematic ‘grouping’ can be where two initial objects are not even actually grouped, but are simultaneously selected and copy/pasted/duplicated to somewhere else within a layout, including putting the multiple objects onto a Popover.)


The only solution I have found is to ungroup anything that is not working, and one-by-one  re-applying the single object onto the layout, re-establishing the field's assignment in a working panel if necessary.


Does anyone recognize this problem?  Is there some work-around?  Was this fixed in FMP 15?