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Getting Portal information into an email

Question asked by MarkBanin on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by MarkBanin

I have a recruitment business where the candidate table has a child table which is being used to hold each candidate's previous jobs.  What I need to do is create an email in which the candidates jobs and details are listed.


I can't help feeling that the fundamental way I'm trying to do this is wrong:



I create a loop, that goes through the portal and pulls out the info into a local variable:


At the time of action, this is being actioned whilst on the employer table (related)


Go to Layout["Candidate" (Candidate)]

Go to Object[Object Name: "Experience Tab"]


Go to Portal Row [First]


Set Variable [$Experience1;

Value: CandidateExperience::DateFrom&" - "&CandidateExperience::DateTo&" "&CandidateExperience::Area&"¶"&

"Children: "&CandidateExperience::Ages&"¶"&

"Hours worked: "&CandidateExperience::Hours&"¶"&

"Childcare Duties: "&CandidateExperience::ChildcareDuties&"¶"&

"Housework Duties: "&CandidateExperience::HouseworkDuties&"¶"&

"RFL :"&CandidateExperience::RFL&"¶"&

"Ref: "& If ( CandidateExperience::Ref = "Yes" ; "Available" ; "TBA" )&"¶¶"]

Set Variable [$AllExperience&$Experience1]

Go to Portal Row [Next; Exit after last]

End Loop



Unfortunately, it only lists the first job - 8 times!


Should I be doing this another way?


Thanks to anyone in advance