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    How can I make the re-login script step work with a multi-file solution?


      Here is a simplified version of what I am trying to do.


      I have two database:


      1. Login.fmp12

      2. Contacts.fmp12


      The user is logging into Login.fmp12 using the user name "JSMITH".


      On first window open the solution runs a re-login script and re-logs the user in as "USER-DATA-ENTRY" and then opens Contacts.fmp12 using the new credentials. The problem is that FileMaker is prompting the user to manually enter a new user name and password when it opens the Contacts database. Why doesn't it just open the additional databases using the same user name and password as current user of the Login.fmp12 database?


      The actual solution has about 10 related databases so I obviously don't want to force the user to enter login credentials for each one.


      Does anyone have a solution for this problem?