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Check box in portal row to select record/s then apply a script

Question asked by LoriE on Mar 6, 2017
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Hi All,


I am working in a system of database files created many years ago by someone other than myself. It is a contract administration database for Contemplated change notices and Change Orders. The Contract admin has a layout with a portal with all the CCNs for one project. To change a CCN (Contemplated change notice) to a CO (Change Order), you would select the edit option in the portal row which would bring you to the document for that record in another layout where you could select a button that say "approve" which initials a script to change it from a CCN to a CO (contemplated change notice to change order).


I would like to do is from the portal by placing a check box or such beside each portal record and then only approve those that have been selected.


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