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FMPA 15/FMP15 - Sierra Odd Container Behaviour

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Mar 5, 2017

I have a solution in which PDFs are stored in a container field using External storage and the interactive setting. The solution is hosted using Filemaker server 15 and users are using Filemaker Pro 15.


I recently tried opening the solution on a mac running Sierra. The PDFs are viewable.It is expected that when viewing the PDF it will show the top of the first page at the top of the container. However, what is happening is it is opening showing half way down the first page and you need to scroll up to get back up to the top of the page. This is happening across 60 different files and all of these work fine when using Mac with Yosemite (same Filemaker Pro version on both.) or Windows.


I was using Acrobat Reader as the default PDF viewer but changed this to Preview. I also removed the Adobe preference files from the Library. That didn't change anything. The opening half way down the page presists.


I removed all the PDFs from the file and re inserted them and this didn't change anything.


While I am noting this, I should add that on a Mac, I have pretty well given up using Acrobat Reader as the default viewer plug in. As has been noted in other posts, it seems to cause Filemaker Pro to crash. Another annoying thing is when you scroll the container, the container does not actually scroll but instead the PDF starts to "scrounge" up at the bottom of the container. You can use the scroll bar to move from page to page or the page controller but this does not help if you trying to scroll within a given page. I believe this is recognized in the Knowledgebase but it would be great to be able to have all users Acrobat Reader whether windows or Mac users.


Anyone have this happen and have any advice to share?


Thanks Martin