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BE_ExportFieldContents for FM Go

Question asked by sivagurS on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by schamblee

Hello all,


I have an FM GO application in iPhone and iPad where the user gets to add an attachment to a folder.

This works fine when developing in FM Pro, but wouldn't work in FM Go.


the idea is I show the user a list of documents with option to add more documents, when they add a document I need to add this document to the list of documents.

I am able to add to add the new document to the list but how to show the attached document straight after adding the document as opposed to running a timer script from FM Pro which adds a delay of  atleast 60 seconds.


I have tried both Ecport Field Contents from Filemaker and BE_ExportFieldContents from BaseElements.

I thought BE_ExportFieldContents would work when I run it in Perform script On Server, but that doesn't work either.


Is it possible to call and run a script in FM Pro from FM Go.


Any workaround please..