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    BE_ExportFieldContents for FM Go


      Hello all,


      I have an FM GO application in iPhone and iPad where the user gets to add an attachment to a folder.

      This works fine when developing in FM Pro, but wouldn't work in FM Go.


      the idea is I show the user a list of documents with option to add more documents, when they add a document I need to add this document to the list of documents.

      I am able to add to add the new document to the list but how to show the attached document straight after adding the document as opposed to running a timer script from FM Pro which adds a delay of  atleast 60 seconds.


      I have tried both Ecport Field Contents from Filemaker and BE_ExportFieldContents from BaseElements.

      I thought BE_ExportFieldContents would work when I run it in Perform script On Server, but that doesn't work either.


      Is it possible to call and run a script in FM Pro from FM Go.


      Any workaround please..




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          Johan Hedman

          Is your solution hosted on FileMaker Server or do you run it locally?


          if it is local on your FileMaker Go, you can not create folders on your iOS as you can on a computer.

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            What Johan told you is true because FileMaker Go does not support plugins, only FileMaker Pro.  So Base Elements will not work on it.  However, you can have Base Elements on the Server and do a Perform Script on Server that calls Base Elements and, as Johan said, stores things in the FileMaker Server Documents folder, etc.  There often is a good workaround using the Perform Script on Server to help with Go's plugin limitation. 

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              I'm not clear what you are trying to do.   Export Field Contents is supported in FMGo.  Export Field Contents  

              Please give more details :

              Is the database hosted or standalone on the ios device?

              Paste a copy of your script and state what is not working.


              As Taylor has already stated plug-in are not supported so, BE_Export Field contents is not supported.

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                sorry should have made the issue clearer.


                My database is hosted in FM server and I have Base Elements plugin installed on the FM Server.

                The problem is that I want these documents to be stored in a different server as opposed to the FM Server.


                Here are my scripts.

                I have tried both Export Field Contents and BaseElements Export Field Contents.

                They both work well and add the attachment to this other server in FM Pro, but not when I use Perform Script On Server. And hence wouldn't work on iOS device.


                Base Elements plugin is showing up in the FM Server Plug-Ins List.

                I have used plugin functionalities to call a Web Service from FM Go through Perform Script On Server and that works fine, so I know plugin is supported through Server in FM Go, but not sure why export contents from Container field doesn't work.


                How can I get to store documents from hosted FM Go app to a different server when the user attaches something.


                Hope I have made it clearer this time.




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                  Looks like the issue is with your file path,  See  Creating file paths