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total newby for server 15

Question asked by erkkip on Mar 6, 2017
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I'm a total newbie to FM Server and don't seem to understand the obvious: how does it work. All manuals seem to presume it works like magic and only the more advanced questions are explained...


Anyway: I have installed the FM Server 15 on my Mac Mini which is not used for any other purpose. I have the Filemaker database on the Mac Mini as far as I can tell. I can access and use it without any problem in the local network from my laptop or iPhone - but that is not what I needed the FM Server for. I cannot figure out how to access the database over the internet. I am using the Wan IP from the router, but Filemaker Go says "No files available". I am attaching the screenshot from the Admin Console. Probably I am missing something totally obvious so please just give me simple advice what to do.