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    total newby for server 15


      I'm a total newbie to FM Server and don't seem to understand the obvious: how does it work. All manuals seem to presume it works like magic and only the more advanced questions are explained...


      Anyway: I have installed the FM Server 15 on my Mac Mini which is not used for any other purpose. I have the Filemaker database on the Mac Mini as far as I can tell. I can access and use it without any problem in the local network from my laptop or iPhone - but that is not what I needed the FM Server for. I cannot figure out how to access the database over the internet. I am using the Wan IP from the router, but Filemaker Go says "No files available". I am attaching the screenshot from the Admin Console. Probably I am missing something totally obvious so please just give me simple advice what to do.

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          Johan Hedman

          You need a external IP address or a domain address for externally linking your hosted database for users outside your room. For that you need to make sure your computer can be access from outside.


          I suggest you contact your local Finnish guru Dr Volker Krambrich . He can help you


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            erkkip wrote:


            I am using the Wan IP from the router, but Filemaker Go says "No files available"


            The reason you don't find anything in the FMS manual about this is because this is normal network/router setup and not FMS specific.


            You are correct to use the WAN IP address of the router, but your router and its firewall needs to be set up to:

            - have port 5003 open

            - have port 5003 TCP traffic forwarded to the internal LAN IP address of your FMS machine


            (that FMS machine needs a static IP address obviously because if it changes IP because of DHCP then the router will not know about it and send the traffic to the wrong internal IP address).

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              Thanks, that sounds like the kind of advice I was looking for. I had to leave office for the airport but will see if my partner can check those ports.