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    DIGFM: Web Viewer Integrations Library (3/9/2017; Santa Clara, CA)



      March DIGFM Meeting

      Introducing the Web Viewer Integrations Library


      The web viewer object is an extremely versatile object, allowing a developer to integrate deeper functionality into a custom app using the languages of the web, HTML/CSS,JS. These web languages are becoming an important tool in the FileMaker Developer’s toolbox.


      In this session we will work together to explore the library, to manipulate an integration, and finally to push an integration into our own custom app.  Along the way we will call out best practices of using the web viewer and explore basic concepts of HTML/CSS and JS. Finally, we will attempt to set up a new integration in the library in real time.


      Please join us with your computer as we explore this web viewer library together.

      Version 2.0 of the FREE & OPEN Web Viewer Integrations Library is available here:


      Jeremy_Brown-compressed.jpgAbout the Speaker

      Jeremy is a FileMaker 12-15 certified developer at Soliant Consulting. He has worked previously at a charter school network where he built the student information system used for three schools. As with many other developers, he stumbled into the world of FileMaker and has become fascinated with solving business needs in the platform. He is an amateur magician and is currently addicted to the game "Factorio".


      Date & Time

      Thursday, March 9th
      6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


      FileMaker Auditorium
      5201 Patrick Henry Dr.
      Santa Clara, CA 95054


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