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Portal and data table issue

Question asked by JuliaOlsen on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by JuliaOlsen

I have had a working FMP DB for at least a few years now. I connect three main tables together for my program: Businesses, Summer work, and Teachers.  Summer work is the join table. 


I made an error when I was setting this up, in that the Business table connected to the others through the business name.  I have now corrected that to use the ID number.  This became a notable problem when a colleague needed to change the names of some of the businesses as we started working with multiple sites of the same company, and then standardized the business location sequencing . Every name change during the standardizing resulted in a loss of visible data although that was still in the original related data tables.


The main fields I work with are now


SummerWork ID

Business ID Match Field (to connect to the businesses)

Teacher ID Match Field


I now am encountering two problems which I suspect are related but I'm not sure...


Problem 1:  Although the tables are now linked by match fields, i still find that any edit to a business name results in disappeared (but not deleted) information in associated tables which were formerly linked by business name.


Problem 2: when I create (from the teacher table, which is what I usually work with) a link to the company where they will work in the summer, the new data does not show up in a portal for this purpose in my business records.  Old data before I made this change is still visible. 


Along with this, the new information also does not appear in a portal for summer work.


So I suspect something is amiss with the summer work.  when I look at the portal links to the data tables (summer work and teacher records) nothing has changed.


The screenshot shows what the portals should look like with data visible from Summer Work and Teacher records.  These are from existing information in related tables, but new data from the same tables in not appearing.



I need help on how to remedy the above problems


Thank you