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data exchange standard to be defined

Question asked by makerbert on Mar 7, 2017
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Hi All,



Our supplier is willing to develop a way to connect fm to our legacy system. (foxpro and a ms-sql database)


My goal is to develop multiple light-weight fm apps to avoid logging into the old-school user interface which in my opinion is not very intuitive, and having a miriad of options and screens. Other workers will keep using the legacy system as-is.


My app users should be able to retrieve data from the legacy system to their FM app when they start their working day, create, read, update and/or delete and sync back to the legacy at the end of the day.


I can connect to the database through odbc but this bypasses the legacy's system business logic and will lead to data corruption sooner or later, so anything other than perhaps 'select' should be avoided.


My question is: what data exchange standard should we negotiate? Something like a webservice, perhaps talking json?


Your views are appreciated, we'll have to make a choice in the coming week or so and I would hate to regret a wrong choice in the years to come.