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    Creating a Reminder


      I have created an estimating database for use in our company.  I'd like to add reminders so that employees don't forget to add items to their estimates


      For example if we are installing a mirror

      I would like there to be a list of related accessories

        J Molding


        Safety Backing



      I looked at a popover, but am not sure this is the best way to do it.  Ideally this would be something that does not require a button to be pushed  - once "mirror" is typed in the item field, this list would be visible as a reminder.


      Any suggestions on how to make this happen?


      Thank you



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          A script trigger on the field where you enter "mirror" could run a script that opens the popover and displays items in a portal where a button outside the portal could add all listed items and a button in the portal row could add just the item listed in the portal row.


          To to open a popover, use the inspector to give the popover panel an object name and then your script can use go to object to open the popover.

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            If my original line items are in a portal, can I do that?  I thought you could have a popover in a portal as long as the popover itself does not contain a portal

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              You are correct, but the popover button does not have to be placed inside the line items portal. This does require setting up both relationships and scripting so that your script that opens the popover first sets the needed match field for the popover's portal in order to display the correct items.


              I often make a popover button only a few pixels wide close to an upper corner of a portal. I color it bright red but set its "hide object when" property to True so that it is not visible in Browse mode. (The bright color helps me spot it when in layout mode.). The popover then appears to pop out of the line items portal, but this is actually an illusion created by my layout design.

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                Thank you,  that helps quite a bit.  I will try that