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    Filemaker Login


      If I give my employees their own username and password am I able to track when and where they logged in from?

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          Tracking when and where people login in from can be handled a couple different ways.

          • In the FM Server Admin Console, one of the tabs shows you the client logged into files on the server.
          • As part of your OnFirstWindowOpen script, you can capture the AccountName and IP address of the person logging in. From there, you could always log that data in a separate table.
          • It is often wise to include a created by, modified by field in each table ( along with create and modified timestamps ). You can set that to capture the AccountName of the user logged in. Note that "User Name" in those options captures the name entered in FM preferences on the installed license of FM. AccountName captures the user name used to log into the account.
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            ditto. I always include the Account Name and Name for the auto-enter created and modified fields in every  table.

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                Will it show the time the person (username) logged in?

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                  If you tell it to. You will need to write a script that loss that info for you.


                  There are a lot of really good lessons in the FileMaker Training Series. Running through that will help you get a solid footing  to understand how FileMaker and databases work.


                  The basic volume is free to download from FileMaker's main website