Update Native iOS Apps created with FileMaker iOS app SDK (FIAS)

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This is my first contribution to the FileMaker Community, I hope that I am doing everything correct.... this is a little nerve racking.


First the disclaimers


  • I am not an advanced developer and the solution that I am developing does not require security. I am not concerned about the end user getting access to any of the solution files.


  • I have an app approved up through beta testing in TestFilght, I have updated the application on my iPad and the user data is preserved.  I cannot guarantee this will work when the app is transitioned into the official App store as I do not have my app to this state.   I do not see why it would not work, I just want you to consider this.


The youtube video that I am linking to contains a solution to update an iOS app while preserving the user’s data.  The solution relies on the data separation model.  From a self-taught intermediate developer’s viewpoint the data separation model is the easiest to manage model when the end goal is preserving user data when updating a FIAS App.  If you are not familiar with this model I strongly recommend taking the time to educate yourself on it if you want to follow along with this solution.


I hope someone gets some value out of this!   I really want to contribute to the wonderful FileMaker community as so many other gracious people have in the past.


If there is any interest I will spend the time to get the files uploaded somewhere so you can download them.


For the grand finale... a link to the video



FileMaker iOS App update solution - YouTube


Links to a little more info on using custom url: FileMaker iOS SDK - Part 4