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    Screen flashing in Web Direct


      I have a layout called "Invoices in my interface file. I've created multiple one-row portals to display the items available in the inventory.
      Each portal has a script that selects an item and creates a new record in the line items table, which is displayed on the invoice layout.  This is FMP 101 on creating invoices.



      The challenge is that every time a record is created, both the portals containing the items to be chosen and the portal containing item just selected flash and redraw.  I can see that the item is created instantly, but the screen take forever to redraw.  My hosting company uses a two server configuration. Server one hosts the files and server two is the web server. Both machines are in the same data center. Both are very high performance.


      How do I suppress the flashing?   I noticed that I was using a hide condition for my multiple portals.  I've removed the hide condition. I've also grouped the 42 portals. 



      You can see the problem at https://lhr-01.fmsdb.com/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://www.dejavoosystems.com#kustomerkeeper
      Use the login of 1-121.  If you don't see the files, I may be uploading or downloading new versions.


      This is all test data.