Form in Layout Mode Truncates Style - Cannot Modify/Fix

Discussion created by hsutton47 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by siplus

Filemaker 15 Pro Advanced running on Windows 10 Pro desktop.


This issue began occurring on FM 10 Pro Adv and when I recently upgraded to FM 15 Pro Adv I was hoping the new version would allow me to figure out and fix this problem.


On some of my form layouts, in normal view all looks fine.  But when I enter edit mode for the layout, the fill colors of the header, body and footer truncate about midway across the screen.  I cannot extend the borders on the layout to include the areas to the right having the continued background colors etc.


Attached are two screen shots.  The first is in normal mode.  The second is after I enter into edit mode.  I circled where the layout style stops midway across the screen/form.


I've try grabbing borders and looking at all the settings and I am stumped.  It's happening on several forms.