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    reconnecting to remote files taking too long




      I have a FM Database solution that is targeted for FM Go apps.

      It is a data separation model solution with lots of reference to ESS tables from SQL Server.

      So I have the reference to ESS data sources in the Data file and does all the operations I need to in the Data File and

      a User Interface file.


      Also I call a lot stored procedures that I call from my Data File based on various user actions.

      Everything is working fine, no issues.


      My problem is every time the user goes idle and tries to reconnect, it is taking along time to connect to the remote files.

      It takes about 30 -40 seconds to reconnect.

      What could be the possible reason for this and how can I minimize that.




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          Johan Hedman

          Then I guess your biggest problem is the ESS connection. When you use FM Go you first have to access FMS that then have to connect to your ESS. For make your FM Go solution faster, maybe you should consider using MirrorSync between your other Database Source and have local data inside your FM solution and your solution will be much faster.


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            I have the same issue.

            FMS14, FMGo15

            Launch a webclip on idevice, connect to the database, use touchID, log in FM database. The whole process takes about 10-12 sec.


            If by any bad luck you go into sleep mode, switch apps on the device and return to FMGO on the iDevice, the reconnect takes between 30-60 sec, sometimes more... this is killing me ! and make the use of the mobile app painful and unreliable.

            Sometimes it's faster to force quit FMGo and relaunch via the Webclip.


            Why unreliable, well I use a concept of only one record at a time, out of the 17,000 customers that we have, there's only one active at the time, no next/previous record. So after it get reconnect, all records are now available, so after the reconnect user can find himself with a customer file that he wasn't on before he went idle, a record that has nothing to do with the search query he made.


            Each user has the fmreauthenticate30 so they should be good for 30 minutes, but that's only for re-authentification.


            The SQL database that is linked to FMS also use a lot of data, not on the layout that is displayed on the FMGo page, but my solution is mixed with the accounting software and share the same data.


            Is there's something that I'm missing ??