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pdf form web viewer not scrolling

Question asked by sivagurS on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Orlando

I have a Web Viewer which renders different documents eg. Pdf, jpeg etc in FM Go 15.

It renders perfectly in FM Pro. But in FM Go, when there is more than 1 page in the pdf file, it doesn't scroll to show the whole document - only the first page is shown, when I try to scroll the whole Web Viewer moves up and down as opposed to the PDF form within the Web Viewer.


But it scrolls alright if I tap on the web viewer two or three times, I understand its got something to do with the zoom level, hence set the zoom level to a few different values, but that doesn't make any difference.


The requirement is to view the documents, Print them if they want and then go back to the original layout.


What would be the ideal zoom level for  a document in a web viewer in FM Go, for the document to scroll properly