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How do I control the colour of the scroll bar in a portal or text field?

Question asked by robwoof on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by dburnham

I am building a custom theme. I started with an existing theme that had lots of custom object styles that I wanted to keep in name, but I'm changing the colour of everything to match a particular set of corporate colours.


Everything is fine EXCEPT the colour of the lines and arrows delineating the scroll bar in a portal and in a text box with scroll bar enabled. I have set the colour of the field borders and the portal borders, in every "state" they have, but there is no option that I can find for setting the scroll bar colour.


Have I missed something?


I note that in the built-in themes, the scroll bars have a set colour. The original theme I started from is itself based on another - a theme that was part of one of the FMP14 starter solutions. The scroll bar colour in that theme matched what I wanted, so I never sought to change it.


I have attached an annotated screen shot of a text field with scroll bar. The issue is the same for a portal.