Filemaker 15 Pro Performance Tip (Windows)

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Hi All,


Over the past 10 years, I have spent a lot of time researching ways to improve Filemaker performance.  Ultimately, the same tips keep coming up.  Recently, we started having issues opening databases with external authentication.  Some users were seeing 20+ minute load times for a 36 database solution.  After exhausting all tips on the internet, I went back to my Windows 98 days and recalled something we used to do to improve performance - empty the temp folder on the user's profile!


After trying this on a few of our more troubled users, I saw 20 minute logins drop to seconds!  With proof of concept showing a successful endeavor, I then made this an automatic process through group policy using a script.


The script that I wrote is below.  Feel free to copy it to a batch file.  You can put it in a shared location (UNC) and attach it to a logoff policy in your group policy editor.  If you're not running Active Directory, you can still set this on each computer.  I have also attached the batch file for your convenience.




REM Profile temp directory clean up

REM Written by Matthew Pence



REM By attaching this to the logoff script of a GPO (user settings), you can clean up a temp directory after every logoff!





REM Delete files in the root of the temp directory

del /q %temp%\*.*



REM Delete all subdirectories in the temp folder

for /D %%D IN (%temp%\*) do rmdir /q /s "%%D"