Trouble with Relationship based on global in Parent

Discussion created by sccardais on Mar 7, 2017
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I'm having trouble creating a relationship using a global value in the parent to a self-join child table.


The relationship is setup as shown below. Parent::g_price_tier = Child::c_Price Tier



Parent:: g_price tier is a global field with a number result. It is based on a value list of 10 possible values in Child::c_price_tier.


Child::c_Price Tier is a Case statement calc field with a number result but I've also tried changing the result to text with the same result.


A portal into the child table on a layout based on the parent produces no results.


I've tested the value list in several ways including:

  1. manually entering the values in the Custom list area of the Value List setup
  2. values from another field
  3. values from another file that uses the same value list.


Any suggestions?