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    svg upc-a barcode in webviewer




      i am a beginner in filemaker and i use filemaker pro advanced 14.


      i would like make a bar code tool for my filemaker project i am working in.


      I would like to use svg instead of usual photo extensions because the labels i use are small and i need the barcode to have good resolution. So the only way is to use a web viewer. Correct me if i am wrong.


      I am using Jquery bar code script as per instruction of this page http://lindell.me/JsBarcode/


      1. I code it in my chrome browser locally and is working perfect.


      2. I tried to reference this local page through a webviewer with no luck. Only the numbers of the barcode are shown but not the bars. Here is the link i use.



      3. then i tried to code it directly in the webviewer calculation environment using this starting tag "data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8," referencing this script https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/jsbarcode/3.5.8/JsBarcode.all.min.js to a global field but again i didn't made it


      If there are any suggestions i will be grateful.


      thank you.

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          Displaying an SVG in a web viewer is not the only way to display a barcode image at a quality resolution. In fact, web viewers on certain platforms can actually print out at much lower resolution than you'd expect for a vector format, and barcode image data often compresses so well in a raster format (such as PNG) that the raster file can be smaller than the corresponding vector (SVG) file. Displaying a good resolution raster image in a container field may give you better results and be easier to set-up if you're not fluent in JavaScript programming for the web viewer.

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            Hello jbante.


            Thank you for your suggestion.


            I will tryto build my project with .png barcodes.


            Thank you