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    Delete Record After Search



      Now I finished my first project.

      But I have one little problem in my (Sale Layout).

      In sale layout, I search a phone number. If I have a customer with that phone number FMcreate new record and give me his name, phone number, and address but if I don't have any customer with that phone number FM create a new record then so Get(last error) = 401 then show a custom dialog.


      now I want to delete that new record and then show a custom dialog or if Get(last message choice) = 1.

      First, delete that new record then go to layout (Customers)

      As you see




      But my script didn't work and I have records of phones with a customer I have and phones my customer didn't have.

      I really don't know why my script doesn't work and delete that records.


      I attach my project if anyone wants to help me can see my project.

      User: admin

      Password: Ali!!


      NOTE: Sale = (فروش) in Persian language and thank you for helping.

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