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Figuring Hours per Day for Projects

Question asked by rcbmi1 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi all,


I have a fairly simple (I hope) issue that I would appreciate some guidance on. We have a database filled with projects - roughly thirty that are "in work" or soon to be in work. We track our jobs based on the number of hours we bid the project for. Here's an example project:


Project Name                    Start Date     End Date          #Hours

Project 1A - 8675309        4/1/17           8/1/2017               830

Project 2A - 1122334        3/1/17            9/1/17                   940


I have created calculations to figure the number of working days between Start Date and End Date, and used that to divide the total number of hours, to figure an Hours Per Day value. This is how many hours we must put in to that job to complete it by the End Date.


Now for the million dollar question: How do I evaluate how many hours I have to work given a start and end date of my choosing? The purpose is to find out how many employees we will need to complete all jobs on time.This is fairly easy to do for one job in one time frame, but we have up to fifty projects running at one time and have been running out of employees to work. If we could evaluate the total number of hours we have in a given time period, say the month of June, we would know exactly how much more work we could take on.


Having something visual like a Gantt chart would be ideal, but it sounds like developing something like that might be over my head. I just need something quick and dirty so we have a rough estimate. I have toyed with creating a line chart with hours on the y-axis and dates of the week on the x-axis.


We are running FM14 with a server deployment and a mix of Win7-Win10 machines.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.