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FMGo 13.0.9: container fields, no sound recording on iPhone 5s OR iPad Mini2

Question asked by Dddavid on Mar 7, 2017

Hello all.

I have recently discovered that I have issues with container field sound playback, on my iPhone 5s 32 Gig ( iOs 10.2 / FMGo 13.0v5)


on my iPad Mini2 ( iOs 9.3.2 / FMGo 13.0.9 AND FMGo 14.0.4)

I have a db that I produced on FM Pro 13.0v5, and, since fairly recently, any new data (2 weeks) that I insert from device, into my container fields will either:

a) not playback any sound recorded from the microphones or a headset.

The playback popover opens and then closes immediately.

There does not appear to be a file, however, in a GetContainerAttribute ( Container ; "filesize" ) field, measurable data appears to reside in the container.

It is as if there are no "markers" identifying the audio clip; the progress bar on the audio player sweeps across quickly, but there is no duration time in the window


b) not playback any sound on a movie, that I record from the camera (front or back).

The image plays back at normal speed, although there is no sound output, with either the built-in speakers, or on headphones.


- Any "older" "imported from device", sound or movie files, that existed previously in the db, playback as normal.

- Any movie or sound files, from my "photo" library, that I insert into the container field, playback as normal.

- I have Airdropped the file onto my laptop, and the container fields react the same way.

- I have recovered a file, and still no improvement.

- There is no difference on FMGo 13 or FMGo14, same results.


Anyone experience anything similar?

Any solutions or workarounds?

Thanks in advance