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Issue with sorting records

Question asked by ndveitch on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by ndveitch

Hi All,


I have a strange one. For the last few years a script has been running fine and then today just before the management meeting the script decided to stop working. There have been no updates to either FileMaker (as they are still on FM12) and there was no Windows server updates either. I downloaded a backup copy to my local machine to cancel out the network being an issue. Then I went through it in FM 12 (which it was written in), FM14 and FM15 and still the script hang's.


I ended up going through the script steps in script debugger and when I got to the final sort order, that is where the system is hanging. I ended up running the script again but stoped it just before that step and then tried different sort orders and found that one of the related fields in the sort order is causing the script to hang. It is and always has been a calculated field and for the last few years this script has been working fine. Now today it decided to stop working.


I am pulling my hair out as to why this is happening. I ended up turning the calculated field that was causing the issue into a text field and did a replace field to get the original wording back. I then re-ran the script and it worked like it has been.


What can I look for to find out why this one calculated field is now causing issue???