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How to get field value out of a portal.

Question asked by A2Quser on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Johan Hedman

OK, I have a properly linked portal, each row containing a test performed on one instrument.  I set up the portal to sort by inverse date, so the latest test is at the top.  How do I get (some of) the fields in the first row into other fields, so I can display the latest into for each instrument?


I can use a summary function to get the maximum date - the latest one.  But other info, such as a test condition factor or test operator, are not always the highest or lowest.  They _are_ all in the first row, since I sorted it to have the latest at the top of the portal list.


Years ago I used GetRepetition(field;1) to pull of that first row of info, but it is not working now.  I don't know why.


The help files discuss  Go to Portal Row (first, last, or next) and Get(ActivePortalRowNumber).  How to select a field once one is 'in' a portal row is not clear to me yet, but I'm willing to try.


So my question is:


a)     Can I make GetRepetition(field;1) to pull info off the first row, & if so, how?


b)     How to get those fields in the first row into fields outside the portal, so I can put them into a table outside the portal?