Solved - Send Mail problems Filemaker Server Scheduled Script

Discussion created by user16545 on Mar 8, 2017
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we have a Filemaker Pro 14 script running on a Windows 2012 server.
The script has a Send Mail by SMTP - script step
It works fine.
Mails are sent out in seconds with these SMTP settings .


Now, we created a schedule in Filemaker Server 15 on the same Windows 2012 server.

This schedule runs the same Filemaker script every 20 minutes.

The script works fine.

We receive a mail confirmation from Filemaker Server that the scheduled Filemaker script is completed without errors.


However, the same Send Mail script step does no longer send any mails.

No mail comes out of the Filemaker Server scheduled script.

Any idea why the FMP script stops sending mails out as soon as we incorporate that script in a FMS schedule?