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Dialog box if no search fields are filled

Question asked by simonpsmith on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by simonpsmith

In parts of my solution I have scripts that will bring up custom dialog boxes if one or other of certain search fields are blank or incorrectly filled in; but I have a particular search layout which allows a find to be performed using ANY of the many fields on that layout.


If I fill in a search field for something and no matching records exist, then I, correctly, have a dialog set to ask if a new search is required or whether just to exit.


However, if all fields have been left blank and I perform the find, then every record is returned in the found set. What I would like is to have an error dialog box come up to highlight that all fields were blank and that some criteria needs to be entered to do a search.


If it was just a single/few fields I could use IsEmpty and the field name(s), but as it is any field on the entire layout, is there a some way to say "IsEmpty [ALL FIELDS ON THIS LAYOUT]?


I've been searching previous answers around this question and can't find an exact answer.