Go to Portal Row faulting in Webdirect

Discussion created by ToddDixon on Mar 7, 2017
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Hi all.


My issue is as follows...


Firstly, FYI,  this database is sitting in FileMaker Server v15.


I have a script in a button in a portal and this button overlays all the fields. This is of course a typical method to action an event for that record in the portal. The nett effect of this script is to select a record and bring up more information about that record on the same layout effectively using the portal as a quick navigation method.


This script does the following:

I assign the active portal row number to a local variable $portalrow

I use Go to Related Record on the same layout to perform the main the purpose of the script.

I then go back to the portal via Go to Object.

Finally I use Go to Portal Row with calculation $portalrow and Select Entire Contents.


This script works perfectly in FileMaker Pro, and it is simple enough that it should. However in Webdirect the group of visible rows it navigates to does not include the previously selected row and none of the rows that are visible are highlighted. Using Custom Dialogs or script debugger shows that the $portalrow number stays intact throughout the script in Webdirect as it does in Filemaker Pro.


Whilst I have been typing this I have been trying workarounds and have more information to offer. Firstly I have discovered (by scrolling up and down) that it does in fact highlight the correct portal row but that particular row is not present in the visible group of rows in the portal. So it highlights row 12345 but we may see rows 12000 to 12010 in the portal. I have some pertinent information and theories which may explain it but it doesn't justify it happening in the first place. Here they are:


Firstly this database contains over 12000 records. There is a noticeable lag in Webdirect which is not present in FMPro. I am working on this remotely and whilst I have a fast internet speed both ways the other end has a slow upload speed.  Bear in mind that despite this speed discrepancy it does work fine in FMPro.

Secondly I have screen shared in to the server and repeated this exercise locally on the server machine connecting to it via WebDirect on the server itself and the same problem occurs even though it is local and not over a network or the internet.


Is Webdirect simply choking on the sheer size of the database perhaps and it redraws the portal too soon, before it has 'caught up'?


At this point it is too time consuming to test the whole exercise in a version of the database that has been trimmed of a large number of records however if I get no feedback that helps I may have to set this up to confirm my theories.  However this will of course not solve the problem because I need all those records in this portal.


Welcome your feedback!