Popover Zoom Issue

Discussion created by _josh on Mar 8, 2017
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Product and version

FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS and version

Mac OS X 10.11.6


Mac Pro (Late 2013)


Popovers in a list view header do not zoom with the rest of the layout. I have zoom set to 150%, and everything has zoomed correctly with the exception of the popover menu in the header. Everything in the header zooms, but opening the popover brings it up at 100% instead of 150%. The behavior does not seem to carry over to form view, only seems to affect list view.

How to replicate

Create a popover button in the header of any list view layout, then zoom to 150%. The popover will remain at 100% zoom.


None so far other than avoiding the popover altogether by setting up a new layout and have it open in a separate window instead. Not ideal but would get the job done.


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