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Should have been simple... but I'm stuck!

Question asked by stephaga on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by stephaga

I'm an organic grower! Built a database to manage my garden, and each year, I add bits and pieces to it! Each year I get stuck!!! I'm really hoping to find help here!


Here's what I need to do:


I have a table that contains VEGETABLES and a related table that contains SPECIFIC TASKS that have to be done from the moment I sow that vegetable (fertilize, prune, transplant, so on!)


I also have a table named VARIETIES (for each vegetable, I sow several varieties.. example for tomatoes, I would have "italian" "cherry" etc etc


Each time I sow a variety, I create a BATCH with the date, the number of seeds that I've been sowing, and so on ( I make several batches of the same variety, most of the time!)


When I create a new BATCH, I would like to create automatically a list of RELATED TASKS with dates that would be calculated from the date that batch has been sown...

I don't know if I'm being clear... I made a graph to isolate the concerned tables...


I've been trying quite a few things with no success and I'm desperate to get this to work before the growing season starts!


I hope you can give me a hand with that!! Thanks so much!