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Export field Contents Failing FM Go

Question asked by sivagurS on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by schamblee

I have a very curious issue going on.


In my Filemaker Go App, I show the user a list of the names of attached documents associated with the record in a portal.

When the user clicks on any attachment, /I let them view it using Export Field Contents.


I also give the user option to attach another document to that record, when the user adds an attachment, I add the new record to the Portal table and then refresh portal so that this newly added attachment shows up in the list. This gives the user an option to choose and view this newly added attachment.


The destination folder in which the attachments are stored is in a different server to the FM Server.

When the user takes a photo from camera, I have a timer script running every 10 seconds in FM Pro, that adds all the added attachments to the destination folder. I couldn't add the attachments to the destination folder directly from FM Go.


Once I finish saving the file in the destination folder, I delete the record and commit the changes.


When the user clicks on any attachment, I

1. populate the container field from Insert From URL script step and

2. then create the path for that file and

3. then Export Field Contents[Automatically open].


Everything works perfectly fine When I run it from FM Pro in Windows.


In FM Go, whenever the user adds a new attachment, the file is attached properly,

when they try to view it,

1. the container field is populated with the correct attachment,

2. the Path is generated properly,

3. but Export Field Contents doesn't open anything.. It keeps spinning until we manually close the app by swiping up from the iPhone home button.


But when I add a file from FM Go and try and view it from FM Pro or from the destination folder, it is available.



This is a hosted database and every time I manually close the app, that particular client session is not closed. And then when I go back to the same record and try to modify it, it gives me Error saying 'This operation could not be performed because one or more of these records are being modified by other users or in another window'.


I have attached my scripts here.


Hope I have made my problem here.

Any idea why the file is not showing up only in FM Go.