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    Cut & Paste


      Clients on FM

      FM Server 14 (hosted on FMPhosting service)


      Cut and Paste stopped working.


      This happens often with some users which is fixed with a restart, but for these users it will not work at all.



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          Hi user28271 ,


          for these users, is there a custom menu that would remove cut and paste ? Does it work in other programs ? Are the users running a different Operating System ?

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            These users on running Mac OS 10.10.5


            No custome Menus

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              How exactly does it fail?


              Can they cut?

              Can they copy?

              Can they paste?


              Does any of this work with other apps on their system?

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                They can Copy and Paste in other applications.


                Just did a test.  In MS Word we copied and pasted a line.  Then went to filemaker and paste did nothing. 


                We did a restart and it started working again, although I am told that previously a restart did not work.

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                  Some scripts--especially legacy designs that have been in use for years, sometimes make the mistake of using the copy and paste script steps to move data around instead of using variables, script parameters, script results or global fields. In such cases, a user can copy data to the clip board, run a script--which might be run via script trigger without the user being aware that a script ran and then paste doesn't work due to data being copied to the clipboard by the script that replaced what the user previously copied.


                  Don't know if that's the case, usually, if this happens, the wrong data pastes when the user tries to paste instead of nothing, but it might be worth a check.

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                    Thanks but no... this is just a good old fashion C&P no scripting involved.