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Semi-Newbie: Anchor Bouy - Related Field Displaying Incorrectly on one TO

Question asked by hartsough18 on Mar 8, 2017
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I have been studying FileMaker for around a month now and am having trouble setting up the Database I want to create. I discovered Anchor Bouy Method last week and have been trying to implement it.  I believe I am close to designing a successful Anchor-Bouy based RG but I am caught up on a snag involving one of my 3 Tables inconsistently displaying a related field. Details below:


I have 3 Tables: Inventory Items , Locations , and Inventory Assignments



The goal is to track inventory by assigning every Inventory Item to a Location. Each Inventory Item will be assigned to one Location at a time.

Below is my RG:



The issue occurs when I try to view Locations from the Inventory Items Table.  For some reason, only the Inventory Items that have a Lavner Number(non-unique Company number) of "001" display what location it is assigned to. *Note: the Lavner Number field is not related to anything!

Image below:



However, when viewing the assigned items from the Locations table, everything shows up, not just the Inventory Items assigned with a Lavner Number of "001". Shown below:


Just for further clarity, I have attached an image of all the Inventory Assignments, shown below:



CONCLUSION:  When trying to view Locations from the Inventory Items table, only Inventory Items with the Lavner Number "001" show a Location.


Any help or guidance in general is appreciated.


Thank you!