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    Filemaker Cloud


      Just looking into filemaker cloud to test it out.


      Does purchasing Filemaker Cloud give you access to downloading Filemaker Pro & Advanced or do you have to purchase them separately? Its not very clear as the pricing structure has changed since I've last looked.

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          FileMaker cloud's license is entirely FLT (Licensing for teams) based. So yes, it will give you access to filemaker pro for FLT as part of that.


          FileMaker Pro Advanced licenses are not included in FLT licenses, and those would be purchased separately.


          Note that copy of FileMaker Pro as well will only work for that FLT server. It will not work independently if you try and use it outside of that context (no free lunch!)

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            Thanks for clearing that up

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              Once you've purchased and deployed FileMaker Cloud via AWS Marketplace, and log into the Cloud Admin Console (CAC).  Click on "Subscriptions" tab, and select "Subscription Center" located in the left-panel. 


              You'll be able to download FileMaker Pro (Mac OS, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) from here.  It also has a link to Apple Store to download FileMaker Go. 


              As Mike mentioned, the client (Pro, Go, & WebDirect) is part of your license subscription.


              Attached is screenshot of the Subscription page. 


              Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.51.13 PM.png

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                Can't you use your FLT licensed  FMP to contact any other FMS server?