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    Payroll set up.


      I have an employee table and have an hrs table. Employees create daily time records in the hrs table (every day is a separate record).


      I do weekly payroll and I want to be able to create a payroll record for each employee that includes a list of the days he has worked in that week.


      This is probably pretty easy but I'm at loss to know how to go about this, I know I will need a payroll table but how do I get the records for an employee from the hrs table into a new record in the payroll table? Using a portal?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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          If i was you i would google payroll system and do some research what others have done.

          In the end you will probably need way more than employees and hours.

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            To answer the specific question, you can create a calculation field that uses the date on the time card record to calculate a date for the first day of the same week. The following assumes Sunday as the first day of the week:


            Date - DayOfWeek ( Date ) + 1


            You can then sort by this field to group the records by week in a summary report or use a relationship or filtered portal to show only those records for  specific week.